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Special Effects Unlimited is proud to offer the Air Guard Disinfection Fog Machine line of equipment in the interests of promoting a safer environment as the Film Industry returns to work after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Air Guard Disinfection Fog Machines are designed to disperse a disinfecting fog that has been tested and verified to kill a variety of bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses through an entire facility. It is effective against the influenza virus and general pneumonia. It has not been tested against the COVID-19 virus, as virus samples are regulated by the government and no samples have been made available for testing.  The chemicals used in the Disinfectant Fog Fluid are non-toxic and widely used in cosmetics and sanitizers and are deemed safe around people, pets, plants and food handling areas.

We currently offer the AG-1000 and AG-1500 for rental or purchase.  We also carry the necessary FLD-05 disinfectant fog fluid.

Special Effects Unlimited is a registered Air Guard dealer.  We will be happy to assist you with any inquiries about Air Guard products that we do not normally keep in stock.

Air Guard Machine Information

Tank Capacity1.35 Liters2.4 Liters
Warm Up Time5.5 Minutes6 Minutes
Output30 Seconds Max Timed.

Then Machine will pause
to reheat for additional
Bursts as necessary.

Timer mode: automatically
operate for 30, 60,
90, 120, 150 or 180
Fluid Consumption56 mL per Minute40 mL per minute
Direction of SprayForwardUpwards
Rental (Day/Week)$65 / $195 USD$100 / $300 USD
Instruction ManualAG-1000 User ManualAG-1500 User Manual

The AG-1000 is intended for smaller spaces such as cars, homes, small offices and classrooms.  It can produce up to a 30-second burst (15,000 cubic foot area).  The machine has an internal timer that will pause the machines output after 30-seconds so that it can reheat for subsequent bursts.  Larger rooms will require additional blasts depending on the size of the room.  This machine rents for $65/day, $195/week and uses 56mL/min of the disinfectant fluid (one 500mL bottle of the fluid provides just over 535 seconds of runtime).

The AG-1500 is intended for larger facilities such as theaters, department stores, large offices, schools, plazas, airports, gymnasiums and hospitals.  It can produce approximately 50 cubic feet of coverage every second.  To work out how long you need to operate AG-1500, first find out the volume of the room, then divide by 50 to get the time required in seconds. For example, if the room is 100 square feet with a 10 foot ceiling (for a volume of 1,000 cubic feet), it will take the AG-1500 approximately 20 seconds to fill the room.  This machine rents for $100/day, $300/week and uses 40mL/min (one 500mL bottle of the fluid provides 12.5 minutes of runtime).

After the smoke is sprayed, allow 5 to 10 minutes for the smoke to circulate and cover the space in order to disinfect.  The disinfectant fog will continue working to disinfect all treated surfaces for up to 2 weeks in a closed indoor facility with a low amount of human traffic.  The more occupied a location is, the more frequently it should be disinfected.