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Special Effects Unlimited in Hollywood has helped clients in Burbank, Culver City, Universal City, and throughout Los Angeles with all sorts of special effects. We are a large supplier of specialized rental equipment and materials for the film industry, as well as a special effects service supplier to the commercial and music industries. SEU has complete access to a large pool of specialized special effects, people rigging, electronics and gadgets, pyro, hydraulics, fabrication, welding and fabrication and wood working. We are limitless in our capabilities! We are headed up by academy award winning Special Effects Coordinator Allen Hall, and are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. SEU is here to supply your physical special effects needs whether its, wind, rain, snow or virtually any physical effects support. We are also capable of traveling with your production.

We have the best full service special effects service from consulting to renting equipment and even technical equipment operators. You can count on our entire team to follow through with your project. Whether you have a commercial, rock video or a prop to be built, we are by far the best choice in the area! We can and will provide anything from a single special effects equipment operator to a full special effects crew. We have both union and non-union personnel available to suit your needs. For added convenience we work 24/7 to ensure all your needs are met. If necessary, simply give us a call after hours and someone from our office will help you.

Advising – Consulting – Coordinating

  • Pre-production advising to on-set technical operating
  • Understand our customers time and budget restraints and work within their range
  • We want to help your project from the beginning to save you money and time

Equipment – Technicians – Technical Operators

  • We know our equipment, we know how to operate it, we provide knowledgeable technicians
  • Creative troubleshooting